Dinosaur Adventure

Timetravel back to prehistory with the Oculus Rift

In the year 2025 timetravel is common place but it has been banned from going back to human history.

A new themepark called Dinosaur Adventure has opened its doors today.

Will you be the first traveler?

Photos from our latest expedition

Stegosaurus cooling down by a river

A herd of Apatosaurus grazing by a lake

Ankylosaurus has a heavily armored body and massive bony tail club, stay clear

It is estimated that Brachiosaurus ate up to 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of plants every day

Oh crap... its a Carnotaurus... RUN!!!

30 x 30km of explorable terrain

Research suggests the Diplodocus could have been as long as 35m (115ft)

The cranial crest of Parasaurolophus was used for sound amplification, communication, and thermoregulation

Pteranodon`s crests, acts as a rudder or stabilizer when flying

Spinosaurus was the largest predator

The plates of the Stegosaurus are a defensive mechanism, and thermoregulatory functions

Quietly sneaking up to a herd of Stegosaurus

Although the Triceratops is a Herbivore, It is not advised to try and pat the 9 meter dinosaur